One donor's story: Todd Thompson

  • Blaine, MN
  • Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2019

Todd loved the outdoors. He played ice hockey as a teen, loved to go deer hunting and fishing. He studied trees and wolves in college before joining the tree trimming vocation. Later he was a truck driver for Xcel Energy, he loved his job and thought a lot of his co-workers. They gave him the name “Turbo” because he eventually got around to getting things done, but he was always safety conscious. Unfortunately, he was killed in a work related accident where a semi tractor trailer backed over him when he unloaded his load.

Todd’s family, friends and his job at Xcel Energy were extremely important to him. He loved to joke and pull pranks with them. He liked to drag out his soap box and express his opinion about things that were important to him. He had a soft heart and loved kids. He’s holding a niece or nephew in most of our photos of him.

We were asked shortly after his death if we would like to donate his corneas.

Todd Thompson