One donor's story: Nicole (Nikki) Gebhardt

  • St. Anthony
  • Organ , Tissue
  • Deceased Donor: 2011

Nikki was a smart, savvy, enthusiastic, determined young woman who had boundless energy and fierce love for friends and fun. She was a gifted athlete who loved soccer, hockey and snowboarding. Nikki enjoyed the thrill of competition and adventure.

Family and friends were important to Nikki. She was a confidante of many and stood up for what she believed in. She seemed to always reach out to those that were in need of support, a kind word or just a friendly smile. Nikki left an indelible impression on everyone she met.

Nikki was a registered donor. When she filled out her driver’s license info after passing her behind the wheel test she asked about the registered donor designation. When it was explained to her she said, “Oh, cool.” and checked the box.

Nicole (Nikki) Gebhardt