One donor's story: Lucy Jo Koppel-Lee

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Organ , Tissue
  • Deceased Donor: 2022

Baby girl where do I even begin! You were a fireball of life, love, and energy for me every morning. Who actually needs coffee when they have the love of their life smiling so hard at 5am? It’s dark, I’m crabby and tired and then BOOM that smile – you loved me hard, I know it cause that smile you gave to your momma was different than your attention seeking smiles. My heart melted around you. I wish we would have done more baths – that was your favorite, and showers with dad. Getting out was the hard part and girl, it is for all of us! I got that and loved skin to skin time post bath to warm you up. Again, wish we did it more, I just never knew it was going to be such a short time I had with you.

You loved to move, girl – so soo much. I don’t think after 10 weeks you ever wanted to cuddle up besides when you were sleepy. I would wrap you in my black wrap and you pushed away so hard – trying to look around at the world and take it all in.

Lucy Jo Koppel-Lee