One donor's story: Keith Lundell

  • Richfield
  • Organ , Tissue
  • Deceased Donor: 2004

Keith was very out-going.  He had a fun loving personality.  He loved people and people loved him.  He knew people wherever he would go.  He was a talented speaker as well—both at work, for outside organizations, etc.  He had a beautiful singing voice and you could most often find him either smiling or laughing!  He loved spending time with his family.  He always dressed very neatly, well-put together, yet fun!

Family; making people happy and feel that they were welcomed wherever he was; giving of himself and his time.

Keith had decided many years prior to the car accident that he was going to be a donor.  He was a registered donor and we all knew his wishes.  He shared those wishes with us at our Christmas dinner in December of 2003.  He said, “once I die, I won’t need those parts.”  Little did we know, he would be a donor so quickly–May of 2004.  He provided hope to 3 organ recipients and 26 tissue recipients.

Keith Lundell