One donor's story: Gregory Klaers

  • Blaine
  • Organ , Tissue , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2006

Greg was a very compassionate and caring person. He had big shoulders and two ears that listened very well.  Greg made time for anyone who needed it.  After his death, the people who came to pay their respect, told countless stories of how he helped in so many different ways.  The number of lives Greg touched in his short 24 years was more than ever imagined.

Family, friends, and animals but not necessarily in that order.  He was there for anyone who needed him.  It didn’t matter if he knew you his whole life or if he only met you the night before.  Greg didn’t come across as a very religious person to those who didn’t know him.  But in fact Greg was a very religious person.  He always said “Him and God had an understanding.”

Greg was a bouncer at a bar in Blaine.  The early morning of December 22, 2006 a fight broke out amongst many patrons and someone pulled a knife and with one stab so much damage was done that Greg could not recover.  Greg was proud to be a donor and made sure we knew.