One donor's story: Robert Ptacek

  • Mound
  • Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2011

Bob was a very happy, boisterous guy.  He loved life and he enjoyed it to the fullest. He had many good friends which he made so easy and they were for life.

Family was the most important thing to Bob.  There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family.
He loved his many nieces and nephews and he was Godfather to many more.
Bob joined the Marine Corps right after high school with his best friend.  He served his term during the Vietnam era.  He was a proud Marine even after his term was over.  Like the saying goes “Once a Marine, always a Marine”   He joined the Mound Fire Dept. once he was back home and he was with them for many years until  he moved up north.

Bob had it on his license to be a donor. I did not know Bob’s wish to be a donor until they called to ask the personal questions they needed to fill out his forms when the time came.  It is wonderful to know that someone is seeing the beauty of everything through Bob’s eyes still.

Robert Ptacek