One donor's story: Diana Bryson

  • North Pole, AK
  • Organ
  • Living Donor: 2012

I’m always smiling.  Life is fun.  My life could honestly not get any better.

My husband is my very best friend.  We are so compatible and we are always laughing and smiling.  He’s wonderful to me and is an amazing Dad to our 2 beautiful daughters.

My Uncle knew for years that someday he would need a new kidney.  In December 2011, I had family members tell me that they were getting tested to see if they were a match.  All of them had some kind of health issue and would not be allowed to donate.  I then filled out the application and started the testing.  We were a match!  I already knew that we would be.  Shortly after, my brother got tested and he was a better match.  I was actually bummed out because I thought for sure that I was the one.  During his physical, he found out that he had high blood pressure and was then knocked out of the running.  It fell back on me.  I passed all of my physicals, and we chose the surgery date of August 2, 2012.  I hadn’t seen my Uncle in 14 years, and when I did, he was so ghostly white and pale and itched all over from his disease.  Within HOURS after the surgery, he had pink skin and the itching stopped.  We have both healed nicely and were treated extremely well by all of the transplant staff, especially the nurses during our recoveries.

Diana Bryson