One donor's story: Maribella Laureano McDermid

  • Andover
  • Organ
  • Living Donor: 2002

I am happily married for 28 years, I have 4 beautiful children and one grandson.  After my kidney donation, I gave birth to our last child, Matthew Hunter McDermid.  I am a Disabled Desert Storm Veteran.

My family and my faith are the most important in this life to me.

I wanted to give the gift of life to someone, anyone.  I gave the kidney to my mother in law, she is Finnish and I am Puerto Rican which goes to show anyone can be a match.  When giving such a gift you need to search within yourself and really it isn’t about whom you are giving it to or what will they do with their lives after receiving such a gift.  It is about the person you are and the faith you have, that in the end things will work out.  Any living donor gift is not about who you gave it to and for what reasons, but about saving a life no strings attached.

Maribella Laureano McDermid