One donor's story: Danny Ecklund

  • Oslo, MN
  • Organ , Tissue , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2016

Danny was a very outgoing beautiful person. His smile was contagious, and he was a very passionate about the people and things in his life. Danny loved the outdoors, building and creating things and he also had a deep love for sports, Basketball and Hockey, especially. He was a son, brother, father and friend. There was NEVER a dull moment when he was around. His boisterous laugh could be heard across the room and his off the wall jokes would always have you laughing. Danny also had a distinguished taste of music. He loved his music. Danny always had a way of setting himself aside from everyone else, his presence was addicting and overwhelming. He was eccentric. He will forever be missed and loved.

His family, his boys, Daniel and Max. Danny loved them more then anything in this world and there wasn’t a thing he wouldn’t have done for them.

Danny was a registered Donor.

Danny Ecklund