One donor's story: Cristopher Wechsler

  • Richfield
  • Organ , Tissue , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2004

Crist was a wonderful man, a special son, a loving husband and a true friend.  He was employed in the computer industry and was studying for his bachelor’s degree.  He enjoyed working on their home; upgrading and improving it. He was a very caring, compassionate person.

Crist’s main goal was to make his wife Stephanie happy. They were soul mates.

Crist was a registered organ donor. As parents, we operated a concession trailer and were traveling on the road all the time. We always told him if anything ever happened to us, donate our organs and tissue. He was adamant about being a donor. Organ donation was a subject he and Stephanie had discussed at length. Just 3 weeks before his death he again talked this over with her. Who would have guessed his wishes would be fulfilled so soon?