One donor's story: Tony Clinton

  • Cambridge
  • Organ
  • Deceased Donor: 2014

Tony was an adventurous, free spirit. He was so full of life, and a had a deep relationship with Jesus. He loved expressing himself through  art and music. He liked to inspire and make others smile. He lit up a room wherever he went. He had a beautiful compassionate soul and enjoyed helping others through a smile, a positive quote, a rap, feeding the homeless, or through his artistic expression. Tony was a blessing and a gift. He touched the lives of many, A unique soul.

Tony enjoyed dancing, wrestling, fishing, football, MMA, paintball, music and spending time in Colorado. He loved all people and children of all ages.

Tony registered to be donor at age 16 when he obtained his license. Tony was proud to be a organ donor and also gave the gift of his body to the advancement of medical education and research at the U of M medical school.