One donor's story: Timothy Sweep

  • Lakeville, MN and Birchwood, WI
  • Tissue , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2018

Tim’s dimples were the first thing we noticed after his birth. It was as if he was born smiling! As a child, Tim was gifted athletically and won awards for stunt biking and skateboarding. He loved helping elderly neighbors as the strong teenager who would cheerfully move furniture, shovel snow, mow lawns, etc. He was generous, hard working, funny, and intensely appreciative of things big and small. Tim also was fiercely loyal and loving. He had no time for pretense or dishonesty.
Tim loved his family, his dog, Abe, and his birthday! He was so proud of his siblings’ accomplishments! He was an advocate for social justice and passionate about treating animals humanely.
Tim registered as a donor last March on his new driver’s license. We had a discussion about organ donation as he filled out the driver’s license application. He would be proud that so many could benefit from his last gift. ❤️

Timothy Sweep