One donor's story: Shannon (Baum) Holbrook

  • Minneapolis
  • Organ
  • Living Donor: 2006

My name is Shannon and I don’t really consider myself a Hero, I have a hard time with that one for some reason! :o) I feel like I did the same thing that anyone would have done in the same situation. Brian and I grew up together. His mom used to watch me and he was more like a big brother than a cousin. He needed a kidney, I had an extra one. Simple as that! I like to think that by doing this good deed I may have righted a few wrongs. I joke with people that it’s my get into Heaven free card.

Family! My family is so very important to me and I don’t know where I would be without their love and support. My Husband and I were married in April of 2012. We have 2 kids. Caitlyn is 17 and our son, DJ is 12. We also have a Yorkie named Bo.

I knew that my cousin, Brian, had some health issues but I didn’t really know how sick he was until I heard that he was on the waiting list for a kidney. I can’t really explain it but as soon as I heard this I knew I was going to give him one of mine. But before I said anything to Brian or his Mom, my aunt Elaine, I wanted to find out if we were going to be a match so I had to find out my blood type. Easy, I had two children so I contacted the hospital where my son was born. Then I had to wait to find out by mail. Once I got the letter, and realized I could move on to the next step, I contacted the transplant clinic and made an appointment. I will never forget the day or where I was (I was driving home and had to pull over I was so excited!!!) when Euginia called me and told me that Brian and I were a match! That night my Mom and I went to tell Brian, my Aunt Elaine and My Uncle Mike that I was a match for Brian.
On Halloween of 2006 we had the surgery and I gave Brain a kidney. I had an extra one, so why not :o)

Shannon (Baum) Holbrook