One donor's story: Mark “Billy” Squires

  • Albert Lea
  • Tissue , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2013

Mark was a caring and competitive person. Mark participated in multiple sports. He played hockey from the time he was six years of age and completed his hockey career with four years at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. His last sport of choice was golf.

Mark could make people smile. We always knew he had our backs, no matter what the situation was if we needed him he would be there.

Mark loved to cook. He had the knack to be able to taste something and go home and duplicate.

His family was very important to him though he chose to be a very private person.
He valued all of his friends and co-workers and loved to socialize with them.
His cooking recipes- he guarded them like a Pitbull.

Mark never told his family he was a registered donor, but it came to no surprise to us. His registration and gifts have prompted some of his family to become donors themselves.

Mark “Billy” Squires