One donor's story: Kevin Peine

  • Cannon Falls
  • Organ , Tissue , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2012

Kevin grew up on a farm and is third in a line of six boys. Kevin was down to earth sensible. He was a very laid back, loving, funny, intelligent, artistic (he could draw anything), opinionated, loyal, hardworking, athletic, a Vikings fan (he had a tattoo that bled Purple), a little stubborn, a good friend to have in good times and in bad, and very much a dad. In our family, and among many of his friends, he was the hub. We didn’t know that until he was gone. We found a side note in his journal that read “There is no better, more peaceful feeling, then being so completely yourself.”

The most important to Kevin was his son, Preston. If Kev wasn’t at work, he was with Preston. His fiancé, Katie, and her two sons ran a very close second. He thought of Katie’s sons as his. His brothers were more than brothers, they were his best friends. Kevin’s Friday night “rotten garage band” was very important to him as well. Every Sunday was family game day. During Vikings season, Kevin and his family, his brothers and their families and friends got together for a pot-luck meal and to cheer on the Vikings. Off season and in the summer, they pot-lucked and played volley ball or ‘rubber ball’ which all ages could and did participate…right down to the 2 yr old. They also built bean bag boards and played that regularly. Kevin and Kent, his younger brother, co-owned a construction company. Kevin was very proud of that.

We did not know about his being a donor until we were at the hospital. The doctors ask Kevin’s dad and me if we had ever considered donating organs. We both agreed to the donation. Then they found his driver’s license and found he had checked the box. In my biased mother’s eyes, he is a hero.

Kevin Peine