One donor's story: Kenneth Kozel

  • Stewart, MN
  • Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2019

Ken Kozel passed away at age 87. He was our dad. He also was: – An Army vet of the Korean War; – Loving and excellent grandfather to Wilson & Ellis, earning the nickname of Grandpa Taxi for driving them all around when they were in high school and middle school; – A mediocre golfer who was nevertheless so very proud when his son started beating him when he was still just a boy; – An avid fisherman who loved chasing walleye and sitting in his ice house waiting, but happy; – A career teacher who touched many many lives; – A farm boy, always and forever, who loved sharing stories of hard work and slim pickings at his childhood farm near Hutchinson; – A Vikings fan, who never got to see the purple win a Super Bowl; – A Twins fan, who had a seat in the stadium for the World Series win in 1987; – Kind and generous father-in-law to Leslie, Steven & Shireen; – Ken Kozel was and will always be a friend to many, father to us, grandfather to his 2 lucky grandsons

Kenneth Kozel