One donor's story: Karl Kennedy Cooper

  • Minneapolis
  • Organ , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2009

Karl was full of energy and loved life.  He was always up for new challenges, whether it was walking the Appalachian Trail, attempting to remodel a 100 year-old house on his own, hitch- hiking to India or taking on powerful interests that were harming others. His personal kindness and generosity touched many peoples’  lives.  He had a refreshing sense of humor and fun. He was a creative thinker with an intuitive grasp of how things work. The only person he was too hard on was himself and, perhaps, a few elected officials.  He is greatly missed. The difference his being here made will long enrich the lives of many.

Karl loved to vigorously discuss ideas, not only to express his thoughts, but also to learn how others saw things.  He loved non-traditional art, interacting with people and travel.  He enjoyed experiencing the full breadth of what the city had to offer and sharing it with others.  He savored life’s daily experiences and,  thereby, spiced up others’ enjoyment of things.  He paid little heed to outdated conventions and liked to get to the core of things.  He enjoyed life’s journeys as much as its goals. Simply put, he enjoyed life and stubbornly pursued its challenges.

Giving his eyes and/or organs was just who Karl was.  He always gave of himself to aid others when alive, so it was a natural decision to do so when he passed.

Karl Kennedy Cooper