One donor's story: Jeremy Franek

  • New Prague
  • Organ
  • Deceased Donor: 2013

Hardworking. Strong. Dedicated. A few of the words that describe what our Jeremy was to us. Raised on the family farm, Jeremy was the eldest of six children. He was a smart, studious child with a special love of history. Jeremy loved the farm life and was a great example of strong work ethic for his five younger siblings. As he grew up, he developed a special love of music, the 80’s and old country, in particular. He enjoyed many summer nights by the bonfire, listening to his favorite music. After high school, he moved into the family company and together with his father and brother, built the company into a prominent business. During the summer of 2003, he met and fell in love with his beautiful wife. Together, they had two boys, Alex and Ryan, who were the center of their lives. Much of their life was spent traveling, fishing, and spending time with the family they loved. His wife and boys were his greatest achievement in life and he was very proud of his family.

Family and roots were an early focus in Jeremy’s life. Jeremy spent many hours working on the family tree, fascinated by the pictures and stories of people passed. Jeremy had an avid interest in the Civil and World Wars as well. He could spend hours talking with friends about the events and times of the past. Hunting and fishing were also favorite leisure activities of Jeremy’s. Trips to South Dakota pheasant hunting, fishing trips to the family cabin up north and hunting on the family land were his favorite past times. When he became a husband and father, trips to Montana and Disney World were his most memorable experiences with his wife and boys. Jeremy had a strong sense of family and found great joy sharing each of these special times with the people closest to him.

Jeremy was not listed as a donor on his driver’s license. When he filled out his last driver’s license, he discussed with his wife that he believed he would be too old to donate when he died. Sadly for the family and friends left behind, we know that was not the case. LifeSource determined him to be in good health and able to save many lives. As a family, we came together and decided that the generosity Jeremy demonstrated in life showed us that he would have wanted to donate his organs upon his death. We as a family chose to donate his organs for him, knowing this was a final way to honor him after his accident. With the donation of his organs of the rare AB+ blood type he possessed, he saved the lives of six people. We are thankful to LifeSource for their support and kindness through this process. Our husband, father, son, brother and friend is gone. But he lives in six people and within our memories. In the hearts of our family, we are proud to stand together to honor Jeremy with the decision to donate.

Jeremy Franek