One donor's story: David Larson

  • Minneapolis
  • Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2011

Despite his ferocity on the hockey ice, DJ was one of the most soft-hearted, kindest humans on this earth.  Tears came easily, whether from joy or sadness, and he would stop at nothing to help someone.  Just a few years out of college with his life as an investment advisor, just really getting beyond the start up stages, he moved to Florida to look after his grandfather, and cared for his needs for 18 months!  Just because David saw an opportunity to do something for someone.

His family, his many,many friends, and sports, mostly golf and hockey.  He also loved to eat, right from the get-go!

He prided himself in serving his clients to the best of his ability, often going to the office on Saturday just to have phone chats with them.

We never discussed donation per se; however, I knew my son well enough to know that he’d want to be donor.  I inquired early on while he was at HCMC, because I was advised that he would not recover; because he developed pneumonia and other complications of life support, his corneas were all that he was able to donate.

David Larson