One donor's story: Brian Moore

  • Circle Pines
  • Organ , Tissue , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2001

Truly, it’s a challenge, to capture all of the Life! that Brian brought TO our lives…and the lives of others. To my mind, it’s akin to grasping at flying leaves, or, trying to describe the breadth of colors and images seen while looking through a kaleidoscope.  Brian brought a sense of family, to his big his birth.  They sharpened each other’s minds with deep thoughts, and hilarity with his pranks lovingly applied to her. He brought big brother encouragement to his younger brother, as they pursued athletics, and, academics. Led the way as a big brother ought, with humor, with passion, proud of his young brother, devoted to his whole family. He brought compassion to third world families, as he helped to build solid wooden homes for them to dwell in, rather than the cardboard shelters they had. He brought leadership in his high school, was respected by his teachers….loved by his Centennial Cougars basketball coach and, teammates.  He brought them a love the game, stick with it hard work whether you play, or not, ethic. He never gave up on anyone. He brought his love of people, and sport, to his coaching of little kids in basketball summer camps. He taught them the joy of childhood, and how to set goals and reach them. ( this shared by a dad of a boy he coached ) He brought a wonderful SMILE with him, and God knows, we all miss that. He brought sense of JOYFUL fun to the neighborhood, his laughter ringing out as little kids came to our door, even in his college year, to ask ” can Bwyan come out to pway?” ..and go out to lead merry laughter play, he did. He brought a sense of excellence to his academics, and, to how he treated people. He conversed with the homeless on the University of Minnesota campus, as he walked to and from classes. He gave his time, he loved sincerely and deeply, with a heart of faith, a heart of love. He has the love of his many friends, their families, who miss him with us, his loving family, and extended family. In 2001, during his freshman of college year, I asked he and his brother to join me praying for a friend’s niece, who had CF and needed a lung transplant. She received her lifesaving gift in February 2001, and when I let them know, then asked what they’d wish us to do ” if a mother’s worst nightmare came to our lives” Brian said “of course you would donate. Why would I need those then?”  We never, EVER imagined he’d be gone too soon, months later, due to a work accident. Yet, in the knowing- from both the day he got his his license, and our conversation…..we had at least a peace about his wishes.  He is a hero to his recipients… having given from a healthy athletic life…every single life gift possible to give.  8 organs, eyesight, bone, tissue. He enriched their lives, when we lost his so enjoyed &  beloved presence from ours.  Brian we love you so. We thank God, for you in our lives.
Always and forevermore, with enduring love, Mom, Dad, Christine, Scott and many more…….


Brian Moore