One donor's story: Andy Weitnauer

  • Elk River, MN
  • Organ
  • Living Donor: 2019

I am 34 and live in Elk River with my wife Laura and 3 daughters, Lainey, Greta and Lucy. Since donating my kidney, we are now expecting a son, Graham, who is due next month.

God, family, and work are what’s most important to me. Sometimes I forget what order those are supposed to be in, but eventually I remember.

I was named after my great uncle Andy Kokesh. He had just finished college and had a good woman at his side, but gave it all up and volunteered for the Vietnam war, and died there. I wouldn’t say donating a kidney is as courageous as joining a war, but I’ve always felt that I would be willing to do anything for my family or country. When my wife’s uncle Tim Schmit needed a kidney, I was happy to be a match so that I could help him live a longer and better life.

Andy Weitnauer