One donor's story: William Byrne

  • St. Paul
  • Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2004

William was a very loving person. He had a HUGE heart and would have given his shirt off his back to whomever needed it. He was a loving “hands on” father. He learned many traits from his parents, he could sew, rebuild an engine in a car, iron clothes, cook food, cut hair, work on electronics, and most important to him, paint his daughter’s fingernails.

The most important thing in his life was his family.  He married his wife Cindy Lou (Creasy)  on  4/15/83.
His children were the light of his life:
James Lee Byrne 1984
Sarah- Elizabeth Joi Byrne 1984
Cassandra Lea Byrne 1995
Savannah Elvira Byrne 1999

William had always wanted to be a donor, He was a firm believer in “helping out your neighbor”. He chose to be a donor 15 years prior to his death.

William Byrne