One donor's story: Steven Sutherland

  • Coon Rapids
  • Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2012

Steve was a very social, fun loving person (bit of a jokester), who was always ready to help anyone that needed help with anything or a kind word. Steve was a little bit of a inventor, who loved to try and invent things to make a job easier. Steve was a beloved husband, father, brother, uncle and friend. Steve tried as many adventures as could be afforded and his body would permit like:diving, parachuting, motorcycling, sailing, skiing and ultra light flying, as well as a deer hunter and fisherman. He shared many a Budweiser with friends and family, also playing chess games. Traveling by RV after retiring for 2 winter seasons enjoying TX, AZ, CA and CO and making new friends were a highlight with his wife in the last few years .
His family was very important to Steve. Steve liked being the life of the party and wanted everyone to feel good and have a good time and would add a joke or play a trick if he thought it would help. Steve would help anyone that asked or would offer his help, even if he hurt later after too much exertion/lifting.

Steve was a registered donor on his driver license and yes he knew I knew his wishes about donating, just like he knew mine.

Steven Sutherland