One donor's story: Sandy Moses

  • Eugene, OR
  • Organ
  • Living Donor: 2012

I live in Eugene, Oregon with my husband, Jeff Jackson, and two children:  Lindsay and Jonas.  I grew up in the Minneapolis area, though I have lived in California and Oregon much of my adult life.  I am still a Twins fan, love track and field, and have recently become a University of Oregon (Ducks) fan as well.  I love to travel, garden (when no weeds are involved), and watch movies and plays.

The health and happiness of my family and friends are most important to me.  I also feel strongly about equality and equal rights for all and hope my children will live in a more peaceful world.

I donated a kidney to my sister, Pat, last November.  To add some levity to the situation, we decided to name my kidneys: Pat received Sam and I kept Stella.

It was a life-changing event and I was so glad that I was such a good match.  As I told my sister, it would have felt strange for anyone else to do it!

Sandy Moses