One donor's story: Patrick Conley

  • Beaver Dam, WI
  • Organ , Tissue , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 1997

Patrick loved life thoroughly. He was a runner in high school and played football. He was a bike rider and did a trip across Wisconsin.
Patrick traveled to Alaska one Summer, something he had always wanted to do. Pat loved snow boarding, and camping and hiking.

Most of all Patrick was a wonderful, loyal friend. He was my friend, and a great friend to his two brothers and his sister. He was kind.  He treated his grandparents with his time and respect.

Patrick loved his family and friends.  He was in the process of getting his degree in business,  He was a good cook, having attended Johnson and Wales Culinary School. He always talked about having a big family of his own.

Patrick died from a tragic fall severing his brain stem.The donation was a family decision, and there was no question in his siblings mind that this was the right thing to do.  It was a little harder for me as a mother, but in my heart, I knew it was the right thing to do.  I know if I were waiting for donation I would be very grateful for this truly wonderful gift of life.