One donor's story: Mark Kewatt

  • Crosby
  • Organ
  • Living Donor: 2000

My name is Mark Kewatt, I am married to Carla and we have two boys Jake -13 and Nate – 9.  Jake was 3 months old when I donated my kidney to my sister-in-law, Michelle.  I love the great outdoors!

Family, Family, Family!!  Helping people.  Seeing my kids smile. Hunting 🙂

I donated my kidney to my wife’s sister because it was something God called me to do.  It definitely gave me purpose to why I am on this earth.  Carla was pregnant at the time so she couldn’t, their other sister Sara was too young and everybody else did not match.  The weird thing is I matched like a brother.

Mark Kewatt