One donor's story: Joe Klein

  • Ponsford
  • Organ
  • Living Donor: 2012

I am 46 years old and a father of 5. I am proud to say I was part of a team that helped bring back the health and quality of life to an amazing person. The doctors and hospital staff at HCMC deserve all the credit, they where amazing and made this possible and easy for me and my recipient. If I could do it again I would.

Family and friends. Giving my kids every chance for a happy life I can.

My neighbor’s first donor kidney lasted her an amazing 30 years. During that time she raised a family and worked full time.  She is the kind of woman that always puts everyone else’s needs in front of her own. From making Christmas special for anyone of her 40+ nieces and nephews, to hosting Easter at her home for over 70 people. She gives it her all. When none of her brothers or sisters matched I went and had the tests ran on me, and we matched!! Once we matched it was the easiest decision I have ever made to donate to her.