One donor's story: Jacinda Schweitzer

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Organ
  • Deceased Donor: 2023

Jacinda Alexandria Schweitzer (also known as Lolli, Cinda, Cin, Jaci, JC) Our beautiful, bold, and brilliant Little Lolli. She brought color to the world in more ways than one, filled a room with her laughter, and also could take you out at the knees with her spice.
The only thing she loved more than all of us, was her animals, basically all animals. She was a voice for the voiceless and all things tiny and cute.
She took care of us, she continually reached out time after time, and she made sure we knew what was going on in the world, or when the cloudy days were coming. She was the keeper of all things, what made our world go round.
She lived each day creatively and added color to the bland and ordinary as a former graphic designer, design lead, and marketing specialist.
Her biggest love was the Minnesota State Fair! This was her vacation each year. She loved every new food and event that came out each year, holding onto her all-time favorites; among them, blueberry beer!
It was no secret she loved sweets and desserts. If she could eat a cookie for every meal she would and to be honest, some days she did.
She never gave a basic gift. She would find something so unique and full of meaning. And now she has given the gift that will last beyond her lifetime by simply making the choice to be a donor on her drivers license providing 4 people a second chance at life.
Our takeaway is to live as Lolli lived. We encourage you to take the time to notice others, do something nice for someone just because, donate to an animal shelter or a cause in need, take time out of your busy schedule to volunteer, or simply show kindness to everyone you greet.

Jacinda Schweitzer