One donor's story: Eric Edwards

  • Evanston, IL
  • Organ
  • Deceased Donor: 2023

Eric was the light in any room! He had a heart of gold. He LOVED his family and especially his SON – shine OUT LOUD, and was the protector of all his siblings and family. Any problem he could fix or any help he could give, he was there. He was the first grandchild, son, and nephew. He was the apple of everyone’s eye being the first born, and he wore the oldest title like a champ. Eric was self-less, and wanted everyone around him to be happy. He was truly the life of the party and always made sure everyone was smiling. He was outgoing, outspoken and so optimistic! He LOVED to debate, and he LOVED music. He knew every genre and even loved to sing. His raspy voice gave him an old soulful sound. Eric loved to learn new stuff and even went back to school to study architecture. He was always on the go, ready to take on any and every obstacle he faced. Eric was strong, driven and determined to be a better person, to take care of his family, and to live a happy peaceful life.

The most important thing to Eric is his son and his family. He showed so much love to the people around him. He always supported his family and friends in any way he could.

Eric’s self-less decision to become a donor came as a surprise to some and a joy to us all. In his decision – he changed the minds of some of his family decision to be a donor. To know that he has saved 2 people lives – even in his death gives us a feeling of closure.

Eric Edwards