One donor's story: Edmond Hamilton

  • Wylie, TX
  • Organ
  • Deceased Donor: 2023

Edmond was an inspiration to many of his peers, friends, and family. He was an exceptional percussionist, talented baseball player, and a gifted academic. He loved science and math growing up, which led him to study Physics in the College of Science and Engineering here at the University of Minnesota. He was a kind soul who loved his brother, was a wonderful son and grandson, a friend to numerous, and one who will never be forgotten by anyone he has touched. Mo, as he was known by many, would like us to remind you that the first law of thermodynamics states: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be converted or transformed from one form to another”, so you will see his energy in others and his spirit will live on in your memories.
As we remember Edmond, we remember the sound of his voice, the look of his eyes, and the feel of his touch. We remember the stories he created, the times shared, and the connections made. We give thanks for the life of Edmond and for the opportunity to know him. We give thanks for the young man who brought joy into our lives. We give thanks for Mo’s unique gifts, his silly sense of humor, love of music, love of family, love of friends, and the lives that were made richer by knowing him. In these moments of grief and loss we pause in thankfulness for the blessing that was Mo’s life. A gift to that will be remembered. Death had its final word and Mo’s body, but the gift of our love for him speaks today and lives on into the future by those he touched. We release Mo as we remember him and give thanks. We commend Edmond for his final gifts of himself with his donations of organs, and hope he is blessed with rest and everlasting peace.

Edmond was truly one of a kind. He was a natural leader, charismatic, compassionate, friendly, creative (which came through in his music), intelligent, selfless, and a humanitarian with a great sense of humor. Anyone that met Edmond, instantly became his friend and he made others feel good and want to do good. He believed in a greater good and showed us that every grain of
sand can inspire others.

Edmond, being a giving person, registered on his own to become a donor.

Edmond Hamilton