One donor's story: Andi Guy

  • Maplewood
  • Organ , Tissue , Eyes
  • Deceased Donor: 2012

Andi loved to dance, to sing, to create.  She was an exceptional mother, a spirited friend, a manager who knew the meaning of play, and a daughter who was admired and cherished.  She knew how to make a party fun; to make her loved ones feel loved. She was ever curious, always learning.  She was a problem solver who could keep you laughing with her wry wit.  She wrote playful poetry and children’s stories.  She painted, sculpted, imagined.  What an imagination!

Her daughters, Emma and Lucy.  Her many friends. Her work and the folks she worked with.  An open mind.
Her creativity. Writing.  Reading.  Learning.  Dancing.  Music. The Minnesota Waldorf School.  Willow River. Sabino Canyon. Her cherry red Prius.  Color.  Oscar and all the other cats.  Theater.  Non Violence.  Play.

Andi was a registered donor.  She believed that giving, even in death, was the right thing to do.

Andi Guy