One donor's story: Michael Hurley

  • White Bear Lake
  • Organ
  • Living Donor: 2011

I’m a Christian. I believe that what we do with our time here on earth makes a difference when we are in eternity. Donating was a way to fight against the evil selfishness in my heart. Jesus says to love others and this was a way to show Rob (my brother-in law) that I love him and that Jesus loves him.
We can make a difference in the lives of others by being here to show God’s love when it seems like God has given them too much to deal with.

To believe that Jesus died a horrible death to offer us a chance to accept his gift of forgiveness of sins so we can spend eternity with him in joy instead of being apart from him in agony.
Let’s see what else…
My family: my smart beautiful wife, my cool inspirational son, and my Godly blessing of a daughter.
Rock music
Drum solos
’68 chargers
Living simply to free up money to help others in need
Homemade banana bread with chocolate chips
The Bible
The small group from church
The friends and family members who helped pay the bills during my donation recovery
My mentor Rod Takata
The Blues Brothers movie
My step-father Mike

After 30 years of diabetes and its complications, my brother-in-law was at a point where he needed to either get a new kidney or continue indefinitely on dialysis 24 hours a week. I asked about the matching process for donation and then offered to go through that process. Once we determined I was a match, I looked further into the procedure and was satisfied that I could do it. It took some thought, but it was an easy decision to do something that could save Rob’s life. As it turns out, he has felt better in the last two years than he has in 30 years! We are forever kidney buddies.

Michael Hurley